WarLock Tiles enter the Dungeon!

WarLock Tiles enter the Dungeon!

WarLock Tiles enter the Dungeon!

Ready to make your Dungeons & Dragons combat more exciting? Check out these new WarLock Tiles from WizKids! Nothing makes your games more immersive than high-quality miniatures, and WarLock Tiles makes immersiveness easy!

In case you missed the official trailer, you can check that out here.

What are they?

Terrain for Role playing games and miniatures games! Pick out some floor tiles, walls, and some furniture, snap them together, and you have a full 3D environment for your favorite fantasy games!

How big are they?

Floor tiles are 2” by 2”, big enough for 4 squares on a D&D map. Walls are 1” high, to create immersive spaces while letting you reach your minis easily.

Are they pre-painted?

Yes! Each piece comes out of the box ready to use.

How much cooler can these be??

A lot! They’re scale-compatible with any other brand of RPG miniature, expandable with additional sets of architecture and furniture, and are compatible with DRAGONLOCK and OpenLOCK terrain tiles!

There will also be many accessories and expansions coming out, so there is a lot to look forward to!

How do I get these WarLock tiles? Visit Level One and ask our staff, or check out our website and order a set straight to your house!