What We Know About Pokemon TCG: Fusion Strike So Far

Fusion Strike will have over 260 cards in it - making it one of the biggest sets ever. The biggest set in recent memory is Cosmic Eclipse from two years ago, weighing in at 271 cards. Fusion Strike will include over 20 new Fusion Strike cards (Pokémon and Trainers). It will also include new Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards to build onto the existing card pool for those battle styles.

What We Know About MTG Innistrad Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow

Not only do Magic fans adore the gritty presentation of classic horror and monster movie tropes that envelope the set, but the original Innistrad sets from 2011 was one of the most noteworthy draft and standard environments from the game’s history. Many Magic fans fell in love with Magic during the original Innistrad run, so of course fans can’t wait to see what is around the corner.
  There was a time where board games were used almost strictly for promotional purposes. When a publisher put out a board game for, say, PAC-MAN, or the Legend of Zelda, or even something obscure like Zaxxon, the designers didn’t put a lot of time and effort into making sure the game was fun. Really, the game just had to be accessible and vaguely resemble the license it came from. The rest of the game was just a way to put an advertisement in front of someone, or just make a quick sale. The ...

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