Roll and Write Roundup

Roll and Write Roundup

Roll and Write Roundup

We at Level One Game Shop are proud of the huge selection of games we have on hand. There are a lot of unique, interesting and fun experiences available, and the staff at Level One Game Shop is more than happy to make recommendations to help guide people to their next favorite game. Some of the best games for recommending fall into a category called “roll-and-write.” These games are conceptual descendants of the classic Yahtzee, and as the saying goes, they do exactly what they say on the tin. In these games, players roll dice, consider the results, then use those results to write on their scorepad. These are great recommendations because they often strike a good balance between complexity and fun, play quickly, and can often support a wide variety of player counts. Let’s see some new and exciting games in this style in our Roll and Write Roundup.

Welcome To… New Las Vegas

New Las Vegas is actually a sequel to an already popular game, called Welcome To… (or, Welcome To Your Perfect Home). They add a twist to the roll-and-write formula in that instead of rolling dice, players deal out cards each round. This branch of roll-and-write is sometimes called “flip-and-write” because players are flipping cards.

Welcome To… shows players three new cards each round, and each player picks the one they want to add to their score sheet. Since players can pick the same card, Welcome To… plays out a lot like Bingo as well. Any number of players can play, from 1 all the way to 100 or more. Picking the right card, though, is tricky and takes the right balance of planning and flexibility.

The second version, Welcome To… New Las Vegas, uses different score sheets that add new rules to the game along with a fair bit of challenge, such as a grid-based instead of row-based sheet, as well as building tourism routes and building around the city’s airport.

Find out more about Welcome To… New Las Vegas at BoardGameGeek!


Another entry in the flip-and-write style, Cartographers introduces Tetris-like elements to the formula. Players’ score sheets are grid-shaped empty maps that they are exploring, and the cards that appear are Tetris-y polyomino shapes for players to add to their map. There are several different types of terrain too, posing interesting challenges.

The way players score points from placing these polyominoes on their grids is by using two of four goal cards. They give points for placing different types of shapes in particular ways. To raise the stakes, the active goal cards change every round. Each round is a season, and over the course of a year, each goal card will score twice. Working towards current goals, while also planning for future goals, is critical to success.

Cartographers is a recent standout in the blossoming style of roll-and-write games, and one of the staff’s favorites. It’s a little more complex than other roll-and-writes, but delivers on the fun.

Find out more about Cartographers at BoardGameGeek!


Sonora innovates on the roll-and-write style by altering the randomness part of the formula yet again. Instead of rolling dice or flipping cards, Sonora is the world’s first flick-and-write game. Players finger-flick wooden discs across a board, and the positions where the discs land become the results that players record on their score sheets.

Rolling dice and drawing cards add randomness and excitement to games in different ways, and playing around that randomness is the source of a lot of interesting challenges. Flicking discs is an interesting take on adding randomness. Players have some broad control over where their discs end up, but not precise control. Additionally, players that move after the fact can nudge discs with clever maneuvers.

While not every board game fan has a taste for dexterity games, they still have a broad appeal. Players of a variety of skill levels can participate and compete on a more fair playing field. Additionally, Sonora still rewards cleverly balancing long-term plans with short-term flexibility like a proper roll-and-write should.

Find out more about Sonora at BoardGameGeek!

Roll and Write Roundup

The staff at Level One Game Shop loves recommending these and other roll-and-write games because they can entertain a wide variety of tastes. People who like short, simple games appreciate how quickly they play; people who like strategy and skill get a fair dose of challenge; and people with large play groups have something that allows everyone to participate. With this roll and write roundup, we hope you find something you and your family and friends will enjoy!