Used Game Policy

We offer customers an opportunity to sell their Used Games through our consignment system. All it takes is to bring a game to the store, name your price, and wait for it to sell! We will notify you when it is sold, and of that store credit has been added to your account. 

Used games purchased from consignment will be given a 72 hour period to determine that the game is in the condition indicated on the intake form. If the game is returned without additional damage or signs of play, the game may be returned for a full refund during this period. Once the 72 hour period passes, the purchase will be considered final.

Would you like to sell your gently used games? Here are the general rules:

  • The person wishing to sell their game will set the sale price for each item, and will receive 80% of the sale price as store credit 72 hours after the sale of the game.
  • There is a limit of 5 games per customer on the Used Game shelves at a time.
  • The individual who wishes to place their games on consignment will fill out a sheet that verifies the quality and completeness of each game, to the best of their knowledge.
  • The game will be shrink-wrapped by Level One Game Shop to protect the game while it is for sale. The information about the quality, completeness, and price will be displayed on the game.
  • If a game is returned within the 72 hour period due to a discrepancy in the quality or completeness of the game, the individual will be notified and the item will be set aside until the matter is resolved. Items may be removed from consignment and returned to their owners in this case.

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