RPG Spotlight: Mythic Odysseys of Theros

RPG Spotlight: Mythic Odysseys of Theros

RPG Spotlight: Mythic Odysseys of Theros

Mythic Odysseys of Theros adapts a wonderful, intriguing setting from Magic: The Gathering to a Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook. Theros is a natural complement to the high fantasy adventure of Dungeons & Dragons, as well. Inspired by Ancient Greek myth, Theros is a world filled with magic, mystery, and danger, packed with fodder for heroic deeds, all at the behest of capricious gods.

Theros for Players

The book gives players and dungeon masters plenty of options for tales of agony and victory. For players, there are new races, new subclass options for Bards and Paladins, and the new background Athlete. The new races, though, are familiar to Magic veterans but intriguing to everyone. The Centaur and Minotaur appear again from Guilds of Ravnica, and Theros introduces Leonin, Satyr, and Triton races. However, each race isn’t just a bunch of character sheet abilities. Every race has their own culture, myths, legends and ideals as well. Additionally, the Heroic Drive rules crank up the standard Ideals, Bonds and Flaws to legendary levels. Lastly, the Supernatural Gift rules provide powers fitting any Ancient Greek hero.

Theros for Storytellers

For DMs, there’s plenty of info on the diverse locations of Theros, lots of new and challenging monsters and new artifacts. The variety of environments in Theros can support most any kind of story. Weave a city-based, RP-heavy narrative, set in one of Theros’ Polis city-states. Or run a combat-focused game in the unexplored wilds filled with dangerous monsters. There’s even advice on running seafaring stories and adventures in the Underworld.

Most importantly, though, there are rules for DMs to make the gods of Theros active participants in the campaign. Gods make themselves known using a variety of ways, from mysterious Omens to direct Divine Intervention. The centerpiece of a Theros campaign, though, is the complete Piety system. Piety is how the game measures a character’s devotion to their chosen god. High levels of piety are rewarded with increasing mystical bonuses. Piety can be used any number of ways, to present goals for players to achieve, or difficult decisions for players to make.

Craft Your Own Mythology

Mythic Odysseys of Theros brings the soaring epics of Ancient Greece to Dungeons & Dragons in style. Theros is certainly one of Magic’s settings best-suited for RPGs. However, players aren’t beholden to understand anything about Magic: The Gathering in order to use this module. Instead, D&D fans who don’t play Magic gain all the benefits of a Magic setting. There's wonderful art, intriguing storytelling, and a surprisingly complete fantasy world ripe for adventure.

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