Root Expansion Roundup

Root Expansion Roundup

Root Expansion Roundup

Root has been one of the breakout hits of 2018, elegantly combining an asymmetric war game with sleek, clever strategy game mechanics. Each of the four factions in Root plays very differently, making mastery a long and rewarding journey. Root’s cunning design can also be easily expanded. This year, two new expansions join the Root catalog, with each molding and shaping the base game into new experiences. Our Root Expansion Roundup will go through each expansion and show what they have to offer.

Riverfolk - The More The Merrier

The first expansion for Root expands the game’s player count to accommodate up to 6 players by adding two new factions to the original four. Riverfolk also adds the Mechanical Marquise turns the Marquise de Cat faction into an automated opponent. The Mechanical Marquise rules let players play co-operatively, and even a solo player can play Root against it.

One of the new factions, The Riverfolk Company, gets victory points from building Trading Posts and taking payments. In return, they furnish their cards, mercenaries and trips across the river to other players.

The other new faction, The Lizard Cult, relies on the cards that other players discard. This requires them to be savvy and opportunistic for a chance to expand the cult.

Lastly, Riverfolk also comes with pieces for a second Vagabond player, to stir up more chaos in an already complex conflict.

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Underworld - O Brave New Worlds, That has Such People in Them

The second faction expansion for Root, Underworld brings in another two factions and two new maps to Root.

The Underground Duchy is a faction similar to the Marquise de Cat and the Eyrie Dynasties. However, the Duchy start at a disadvantage early on and can become a juggernaut as the game goes on.

The Corvid Conspiracy, as the name suggests, is a faction about sneaking around and infiltration. They fight for territory like other factions, but can send in saboteurs to disrupt enemy strongholds. They're evasive like the Woodland Alliance and the Lizard Cult, but much more destructive.

The Lake Map that comes in Underworld has, as the name implies, a big lake in the middle. This reduces connectivity and makes travel difficult, so control of the Ferry extremely important.

The Mountain Map also has fewer paths between territories, but the gaps are more spread out. Players can clear paths between territories, though, altering the map as the game progresses.

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Clockwork - Your Move, Creep

Automata have become an increasingly popular feature of heavy strategy games, and Root doubles down on that popularity with Clockwork. The automated Mechanical Marquise from the Riverfolk expansion is popular but could be improved. So, Clockwork updates the Mechanical Marquise and adds rules to automate the other three factions from the base game. 

The Electric Eyrie, the Automated Alliance, and the Vagabot are new additions to Root. The Mechanical Marquise 2.0 is an upgraded version of Riverfolk’s automata rules.

Having these automated factions at one’s disposal lets players play Root at any scale, with any number of players. A two-player team can co-operatively take on a host of robotic opponents. Solo players can play an epic, chaotic 5-faction fracas.

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Exploring the Root System

Root now has a huge diversity of different play options. There's the wide variety of unique factions, different maps, and even automated opponents. Mixing and matching these elements makes Root into a family of games, and different combinations can cater to a variety of play experiences. Players who like pure competition have lots of options, as well as players who like co-operative or team play games. Even solo players are equipped with new options. Use this Root Expansion Roundup to find out which options are right for you and your playgroup!