What We Know About Pokemon TCG: Fusion Strike So Far

What We Know About Pokemon TCG: Fusion Strike So Far

What We Know About Pokemon TCG: Fusion Strike So Far

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is in the midst of two dueling styles: the efficiency of Rapid Strike, versus the power of Single Strike. These new styles have given Pokémon TCG players a lot of interesting new options for building their decks. So where do we go from here?

A new horizon is coming this fall to the Pokémon TCG, in the form of Fusion Strike! In contrast to efficiency and power, this new mechanic gives your Pokémon the strength that comes from teamwork. Fusion Strike debuts in a new set of cards of the same name, and from what we’ve seen spoiled, it looks almost as fun as Evolving Skies!

What is Fusion Strike for the Pokémon Trading Card Game?

Fusion Strike is a new set of cards for the TCG, representing the eighth set in the Sword & Shield era. Fusion Strike will feature new Pokémon cards and Trainer cards for fans to collect and play. The set revolves around the theme of the new "Fusion Strike" battle style, in conjunction with Single Strike and Rapid Strike.

When does Fusion Strike come out?

The scheduled full release for Fusion Strike in the US is Nov 12, 2021. On this date, the standard array of Pokémon products will be available, including booster packs and the ever popular Elite Trainer Box. There are also a couple more dates on the calendar that we’re aware of at this point.

On October 30, 2021, the standard prerelease Build & Battle Boxes will be available prior to the rest of the set. These are designed for casual tournaments where players get the first opportunity to play with Fusion Strike cards. If the prerelease period for Fusion Strike is like the previous sets, then sealed booster boxes might be available early as well. But always check with your local retailer to get the correct info first!

Then, on November 26, 2021, the newest product type is available: the Build & Battle Stadium kit. These Stadium kits are a fun casual experience for seasoned Pokémon players, and let new players try their hand at a little deckbuilding. 

What Fusion Strike products will be available?

Fusion Strike cards will be available in the usual assortment of sealed products. There will be booster packs and booster boxes, as well as the high-value Elite Trainer Boxes which are typical for most Pokemon standard release sets. In contrast to the past few US sets, there’s only one type of Elite Trainer Box available.

The new Build & Battle Stadium kits are an interesting offer, though. These kits come with enough materiel to let two players conduct their own “sealed deck” battle. Build & Battle Stadium kits contain two Build & Battle Boxes (each with four Fusion Strike packs), an additional four Fusion Strike packs (totaling 12 packs), 121 basic Energy cards, and various other game accessories.

Fusion Strike Release Dates

How many Fusion Strike cards are there? How big is the Fusion Strike set?

Fusion Strike will have over 260 cards in it - making it one of the biggest sets ever. The biggest set in recent memory is Cosmic Eclipse from two years ago, weighing in at 271 cards. Fusion Strike will include over 20 new Fusion Strike cards (Pokémon and Trainers). It will also include new Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards to build onto the existing card pool for those battle styles.

Official word has the breakdown of the special “chase” cards in the set as well:

  • 20 Pokémon V cards
  • 8 Pokémon VMAX cards
  • 20 Trainer cards
  • 13 full-art Pokémon V
  • 7 full-art Supporters

The card pool for Fusion Strike is sourced from several Japanese sets. It includes cards from the Japanese set Fusion Arts, as well as the secondary products High-Class Decks and Family Pokémon Card Game. Importantly, though, Fusion Strike will have the remainder of cards from the sets that Evolving Skies was built from: Eevee Heroes, Skyscraping Perfection, and Blue Sky Stream. No wonder Fusion Strike is so large!

Fusion Strike Cards

What Pokémon will be in Fusion Strike?

Some exciting fan favorites are featured in Fusion Strike, many including new VMAX versions inspired by the Gigantimax Pokémon from the Sword & Shield video game. Not only do the three Galarian starters have V and VMAX forms, but Mew VMAX and Gengar VMAX appear as well! And we’re actually really excited to see the VMAX form of the spookiest fire Pokémon in the game, Chandelure!

And still, there are several non-VMAX Pokémon that look exciting too. Latias and Latios represent the Dragon type in Fusion Strike, notable since their counterpart type of Fairy has been recently retired. Then there’s the new Deoxys card, which has tags for all three of Fusion Strike, Single Strike, and Rapid Strike, teasing us with new deckbuilding possibilities. 

Fusion Strike Pokemon

What are Fusion Strike Pokémon?

Fusion Strike Pokémon have a pink and purple logo on their cards, in the upper left corner. These types of Pokémon will have abilities and attacks designed around the Fusion Strike theme. Specifically, Fusion Strike Pokémon become more effective as there are more Fusion Strike Pokémon in play, reinforcing a theme of teamwork and synergy.

This theme makes Fusion Strike distinctive from the previous two battle styles, Rapid Strike and Single Strike. Each battle style is also accompanied by a selection of Trainer and Energy cards, as well. Whereas Rapid Strike Energy focused on Water and Fighting type Pokémon, and Single Strike Energy focused on Dark and Fighting types, Fusion Strike Energy makes no distinction and serves as an Energy of any type.

That’s all we know now, but that’s already a lot considering that the Japanese version Fusion Arts isn’t even released yet. There’s lots of new and exciting stuff in Fusion Strike, and it’s shaping up to be just as exciting as Evolving Skies or any other recent set. We can’t wait for more spoilers to appear!