What We Know About Digimon Next Adventures So Far

What We Know About Digimon Next Adventures So Far

What We Know About Digimon Next Adventures So Far

The 2020 Digimon Card Game has been wildly popular, and each new expansion is met with breathless anticipation from players worldwide. And we’re so excited for Digimon that we’ve collected some info on an amazingly cool future expansion for the card game. Fragments of information have drifted out onto the internet about set BT-07, called Digimon: Next Adventure, and we can’t wait to share with you what we found out!

What is Digimon: Next Adventure?

This will be the 7th expansion set for the Digimon Card Game printed in English. It will be sold in 12-card booster packs the same way as the other BT expansions. It’s not clear if the Next Adventure will have starter decks, it doesn’t seem likely. Each of the game’s six colors has its own starter deck, and there’s no indication that new starter decks or new colors will be introduced at this point.

When does Digimon: Next Adventure come out?

The English version of Digimon: Next Adventure will release on January 28, 2022. This follows the pattern of English sets releasing about four or five months after the Japanese version. The Japanese version of Next Adventure releases on August 27, 2021. Fortunately, the publisher Bandai is sticking with simply translating sets without altering their cards, so English-speaking players can see what’s coming up by translating Japanese cards.

Next Adventure Japanese Cards

What Digimon will be in Digimon: Next Adventure?

So far, we’ve seen Eyesmon (and accompanying Eyesmon Scatter Mode), a new Orochimon, and a new Nidhoggmon, all in purple. A new red Metalgreymon appears that generates a lot of memory for its player, as well as a new blue WereGarurumon with similar memory effects. We’ve also seen a promo version of a red Wargreymon that can outright delete many of your opponent’s Digimon.

These are official spoilers printed in the Japanese manga magazine Vjump. As such, they’re Japanese-language versions of these cards, but intrepid Digimon fans have translated these cards for us English speakers.

Next Adventures Spoilers

Does Digimon: Next Adventure tie into the Digimon anime?

So far, it appears so. The name itself of the set seems to refer to the 2020 anime Digimon Adventure: that rebooted the original 1999 anime. 

Additionally, an Australian retailer has posted a description of Next Adventure, presumably from their distributor. This description reveals a special new kind of card, called a Campaign Rare, that features characters from the Digimon Adventure: series.

This source also refers to the 2002 anime series, Digimon Frontier. It appears that the characters Takuya Kanbara and Zoe Orimoto from Frontiers should be in Digimon: Next Adventure, as well as the epic Digimon Susanoomon and EmperorGreymon.

This also seems to hint that the next anime series will be a reboot of Digimon Frontiers as well, but that’s only speculation.

Digimon show posters

How many cards are in Digimon: Next Adventure?

This new set will include 122 cards. 26 of these cards will be Rare, 10 will be Super Rare, and 2 are going to be Secret Rares. This rarity system is, of course, very similar to previous sets - except these 8 new Campaign Rares.

Based on our Australian source, it also appears that Digimon: Next Adventure booster boxes will not only have alt-art box toppers, an additional alt-art super rare Option card box topper. The alt-art cards in Next Adventure will have an exciting golden treatment, and we can’t wait to see what these look like!

So what are these Campaign Rares?

As far as we know, this is the biggest new thing in Digimon: Next Adventure. It appears that these will be chase cards similar to alt-art cards from previous sets. However, instead of simply being a fancier version of a lower-rarity card, Campaign Rares might be mechanically unique. They feature characters from the 2020 Digimon Adventure: anime series. We can’t wait to find out more about these chase cards!