Indie Tabletop RPGs to try this Fall

Indie Tabletop RPGs to try this Fall

Indie Tabletop RPGs to try this Fall

We've got the perfect recommendations for Tabletop Role Playing Games for you this Fall season. Time get cozy with a warm cider or coffee and play something new with friends or go solo! 

1. Storyteller: A Campfire Narrative Game

Cover of Storyteller, a campfire narrative role playing game published by Pandion Games

If you happen to be camping this fall then we have the perfect game to play at night around the campfire -- Storyteller: A Campfire Narrative Game! 🌙

Storyteller is an ad-lib campfire narrative game of monsters, horror and mystery. Create engaging stories in the wilderness with just camping equipment. The group has the option to play in Game Mode as a traditional role playing game, or Story Mode to tell an interactive story to an audience.

Set up is very light with just filling out a Story Prompt sheet that consists of fill in the blanks to help create the story. Players have an option to fill out character sheets as well. In this stage you will choose the monster, location, the goal, and the ending!

If the story ever gets too gruesome there is a safety component called the X Card. This mechanic is designed to signal when someone is uncomfortable. At the campfire, this can be a stone that is held up, throwing an acorn into the fire, or placing both hands on their head, whatever your group decides at the beginning.
Creator: Pandion Games

2. Whispers in the Walls

Cover of Whispers in the Walls role playing game with deck of cards

“If the walls could talk,” they always said.

Turn the lights low, light a candle, and turn on some dark music. You are now ready to play this solo journaling RPG, Whispers in the Walls from Pandion Games! You play and write as a P.I. trying to solve a mystery by listening to the walls, ceiling, and floors. Concentrate on their whispers , cries and wails of mimicry of the horrors within. Keep notes on what you think it all means, ultimately concluding the truth.

Each turn, draw from the top of your pre-designed deck, look at the prompts on the matching suit table on the following pages, and answer the questions or resolve the tasks by writing in your journal. On the final card, resolve the prompt, then use the card value on the Ending Table. This will conclude the story.

This solo RPG requires: a deck of cards, journal, pen, and a dark environment, preferably lit by candlelight.

Creator: Pandion Games

3. Lighthouse at the End of the World 

Cover of the tabletop role playing game, Lighthouse at the end of the world next to Grim Reaper dice tower from Forged Gaming.

Tend the light. Fend off the dead. In all things, persist.

In Lighthouse at the End of the World you play as a lonely lighthouse keeper isolated with your persistent duties. The crushing solitude and unforgiving weather are little comfort to the ghostly beings tormenting you every night. Meanwhile, at the depths of the seas, a legion of unquiet dead conspire to erode your sanity until one of them claims you. Will they get to you before you go insane or will you find out how you came to be here in the first place?

Live or die, by the end of Lighthouse at the End of the World you will have penned a strange tale of doom, perseverance and grace in the face of certain oblivion.

This solo RPG requires: a d6, tower (Jenga), deck of cards, paper, pen, and tokens or small trinkets.
Creator: Bannerless Games


Cover of CY_BORG role playing game with cyberpunk themed gaming accessories

The world is ending. ⸐Again and again and again and again and again a̶n̴͗d̵̥͒ ̸̎ă̶ġ̸a̵̢͗i̶͙̓n̸̡̔ ănd agà̷̩̫͒ḯṇ̶̦̔͜.

CY_BORG is a Nano-infested doomsday RPG about cybernetic misfits and punks raging against a relentless corporate hell. A complete standalone that is rules-light, rage-heavy tabletop roleplaying game based on and compatible with MÖRK BORG.

We start off in the megacity Cy after the Incident. Everyone is interfaced/injected/in̴fe̴cted̶/infested with something. Everyone wants something from everyone else. Everyone is a liar and a cheat. Everyone wants more creds.

This game is built with Random Generators, facilitating near-endless play: missions, locations, styles, loot, corporations, cults and npcs populating the accelerating apocalypse. Character creation is quick and dirty where the roll of the dice determines who your punk is, starting equipment, what they’re capable of and who they owe money to. Headlines are constantly popping up with with chaos and destruction wracking the city with the reminder of imminent doom.

There is one introductory scenario heist Lucky Flight Takedown. Scope and infiltrate the Lucky Flight Casino, clear the debt data and/or shut the whole operation down. Should be a quick and easy job, right?

There is more to learn in this beautiful compact book! If you need any help generating your next mission or characters check out the official random table generator here.