Spring Painting Contest

Spring Painting Contest

Spring Painting Contest

As Kansas City wakes up from a rough winter, we're excited to celebrate the promise of regrowth and recovery with our third painting contest! We hope you're excited as well, as we again call on our talented community to raise their brushes to show the world our optimism for 2021.

We'll be using the same successful structure of our previous contests, and the theme for this season will be, of course, "Rebirth". Contestants are free to interpret this theme as they wish, using whatever miniatures they would like. One WizKids mini blister will be provided with entry, but contestants aren't required to use it, or limited to only one miniature. Creative bases and conversions are encouraged, but not required. 

And of course, we have some rules and guidelines for contestants to follow, outlined below. We're returning to the original prize structure, where the voted winner of each of three categories is awarded store credit for their efforts.  Contest calendar dates are outlined below as well.

Good luck, painters! Let's inspire optimism in everyone this season!

Time Frame: 

  • Contestants will be given roughly 3 weeks to construct and paint their entry.
  • Contestants should visit the shop starting on Wednesday, April 14th to purchase their entry ticket and receive their miniature.
  • Contestants must bring their entry by the end of business hours on Wednesday, May 5th for contest entry.
  • Entries will be displayed for public viewing for two weeks, from Saturday, May 8th to Saturday, May 22nd.
  • Winner announcements will begin on Monday, May 24th, over social media, and will be contacted directly.

Rules for Competition:

  • Entry will be $10. Contestants will receive a WizKids Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures model of their choice. The remaining $5 of the entry fee will be added to a store credit prize pool.
  • Each contestant can enter one and only one entry.
  • Entries may include other models and constructions besides the provided model.
  • Bases and displays can be no larger than 3 inches by 3 inches.
  • Entries must be painted by the contestant. This means no commission painting or group painting.
  • Entries will be returned to their owners after winners are announced. Entries will be available at Level One Game Shop for pickup.


  • Public: Winners of this category will be determined by public vote, with ballots cast while entries are on public display. Shop staff and contestants will be allowed to vote as well. All entries will be eligible.
  • Best Conversion: Winners of this category will be determined by votes cast by Level One shop staff and current contestants. All entries will be eligible. Suggested criteria for this category will be creative modifications and basing, adhering to the contest's theme.
  • Staff Pick: Winners of this category will be determined by votes cast by Level One shop staff. All entries will be eligible.


  • Each contestant contributes $5 to the store credit prize pool, taken from their entry fee.
  • The store prize pool will be evenly divided into thirds, rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. Each third of the prize pool will be allocated to each category.
  • Winning contestants will be awarded store credit for each category they won. If there is a tie amongst winners in a category, all tied contestants will receive an equal share of that category’s allocation.