Century A New World: Spotlight Series

Century A New World: Spotlight Series

Century A New World: Spotlight Series

Century: A New World is the third and final installment from the Century series, published by Plan B games. You may play A New World by itself, or in combination with Spice Road and Eastern Wonders. Although A New World is simple by itself, it becomes more complex as additional games and mechanics are introduced. Included in the box are rule sheets for each unique combination between the games. However, keep in mind that there will always be a limit of four players. We will be looking at the game play A New World, without the addition of the other two. A New World is a worker placement game at its core, but is unique in its theme and execution.

Setup for the A New World is simple and quick. First, retrieve the location and player boards and place them on the table. Then, collect cards based on the number of players, which is indicated on the bottom right corner. Next, shuffle and stack the bonus and exploration tiles onto the board, return any extras to the box. Sort resource cubes into their own bowls, and arrange them from ascending order of values (corn, meat, tobacco, fur). After setup is complete, then the first player is ready start the game!

The game will take place over a number of rounds, and in each round, players will take a single turn performing a single action. The first of two action choices is to Work. Choose one location on the board and settle on an exploration tile in a location with no settlers or one without your settlers. Note that if other players have settled there, it will cost extra to place your own there. For instance, if there are already two settlers of another color, you must place an additional settler at that location.

After placing the required number of settlers, you may perform the action(s) at that location. For example, you will have the options gain, upgrade, or trade your goods. In another action type, players may exchange their resource cubes to claim a location’s point card or bonus tile. Note that at the end of any turn, you must return overstocked resources to the supply if you pass the limit of 10.

The second option for your action is to Rest. You may return all of your own settlers from the board and place them back onto your player mat. The end of the game triggers after the first player collects their 8th point card. After finishing the final round, players total their victory points. Tally these from point cards, bonus and exploration tiles, as well as the value of remaining cubes in your storage. The player with the most points win, and in the case of a tie, the player that most recently played their turn wins!

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