Bosk: Spotlight Series

Bosk: Spotlight Series

Bosk: Spotlight Series

This week at the shop we learned to play Bosk, a new game from Floodgate Games. Designers Daryl Andrews and Erica Bouyouris previously worked together on Roar: King of the Jungle, and Andrews was a designer for Sagrada. Bosk is a simple and elegantly designed game, where players create a forest park for visitors to throughout the changing seasons. Play through the course of a year, and the player with the most points wins the game.

Select the board based on the number of players, and have everyone collect the color of their choice. Players should have trees, leaves, leaf cards, and a squirrel in their own color. Randomly select the first player, and then it is time for spring to begin! Starting with the first player, choose a tree to place on any open intersection on the board. The only exception is the edge of the map. Keep in mind that trees cannot be moved and that their placement will be important later in scoring points. After all the trees are placed, visitors will come visit for summer.

Points are scored based on each row on the board. There is a convenient chart that will help you calculate your point totals. Essentially, the player with the most tree numbers will earn the most points. Points will be given out based on the variety of trees, as well as if there’s any ties. After point totals are calculated on the tracker, and the next round will begin with fall.

During fall, the leaves begin to blow from the trees onto the forest floor. Use the wind tracker to guide the direction your leaves will blow. Your leaf cards can be selected by your choice. The number will determine how many leaves you may place. After the leaves are placed, remove your tree and return it to the box. Leaves may stack on top of each other, but you must pay a leaf for each one currently in that space.

For example, if there are already two leaves in a space, you must discard two leaves from your hand and then place the third on top. The leaf on top will count when it comes time to add points, the number of leaves don’t have an effect. The squirrel may sit on top of a leaf pile, in order to secure control of that area. Once everyone has placed all of their leaves, transition to winter and score your points. This will be similar to how you’ve scored in the summer.

Bosk is an aesthetically pleasing addition to the shelf and table. The components are simple, but the color palette and art style are near enchanting. Gameplay is fairly relaxing and provides light strategy for up to four players. Bosk comes on and off the table very quickly, and is a great break from more time consuming or high energy games. We will have it in the shop for the weekend, so come check it out if you are in the River Market. Next week we will be playing another new release. We are excited to learn the third installment in the Century series, Century: A New World.