Best Board Games to Buy in 2018

Best Board Games to Buy in 2018

Best Board Games to Buy in 2018

Make your 2018 even interesting and amazing with these much anticipated board games.

Whatever is your favorite genre, one thing is for sure that 2018 will be a great year for games.

We have listed the most anticipated board games for 2018 based on our customers’ suggestions and surveys.

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar:

All board game aficionados must have played this one, especially in their childhood. The game has been revamped by its manufacturer, Restoration Games. You will be amazed to see the makeover that has been given to the game, from titles to the appearance.

Brass: Lancashire and Birmingham

One of the popular economic strategy games, Brass requires players to develop the cotton export industry of Lancashire, England during the industrial revolution. The striking feature about upcoming Brass: Lancashire title is that the updated appearance is inspired from the cinematography of P.T. Anderson’s There Will be Blood. Plus, the updated version is equipped with the same mechanics and plot, though you will find more industries for export and varying demand for each game.


It is one of the popular “murder mysteries” of our time. The players have to spot the location, weapon and culprit following a murder. And a supernatural twist is always there to amaze you. One player plays the role of the ghost following his murder, hinting circumstances and things associated with his death. Then, other players who are in the role of investigators have to decipher these clues to create a complete picture of the murder. The new version is even more interesting and set to test your patience. It is a great game for the family and dedicated tabletop lovers.

Edge of Darkness:

This game is from the makers of award-winning Mystic Vale. AEG has left no stone unturned to make their new game Edge of Darkness interesting. It is basically a card crafting game featuring worker placement and shared deck building in the backdrop of an attractive theme. Each player is assigned a powerful guild in the City. And each guild competes with other guilds in order to take the charge of the City.


This Egyptian-themed game is inviting with its worker and resource management, hidden scoring, variable actions in each round and chances to compete with rivals. Your action will run parallel to the Nile and you can’t go back once you set an action. The game prompts you to make some interesting decision in the later stages.

So, these are the board games you can try in 2018. Wait no more and contact Level One Game Shop now to get your hands on them.