5 Tabletop Games to Get Your Friends into Game Night

5 Tabletop Games to Get Your Friends into Game Night

5 Tabletop Games to Get Your Friends into Game Night

Board games are not only great for families. You can have a fun loving game night with friends too. All you need is a perfect board game for your group. Explore some options here.

You can turn a boring night into more fun and craziness having a game to play around. Hang out with your friends from the comfort of home and keep the whole group entertained!

Need some game ideas? Check them out here.


Seeing something like Marie Antoinette losing her head as you open the box, it is an R rated game offering dark humor and fun. In fact, scorekeeping can be a distraction, and it doesn’t really matter who wins. Being played in three rounds, you have to get the other players to guess a person based on verbal cues. Using the same cards, you have to try to get the other players to guess the person with help of one word. In the final round, the same cards are used but this time you must mime everything.


This is another great game meant for those who appreciate dark humor. Being a storytelling card game, here you will have to be rollicking from the start. Reason being, the characters themselves are ridiculous. For example, Lord Slogar is nothing more than a brain in a box. The point of the game is to kill off your characters. And that too after having them suffer through bizarre, terrible, and ridiculous tragedies. Thus, the cards you draw are often completely absurd. When you are playing with people who are keen to ham it up, you will end up creating outlandish stories behind their characters.


It is another hilarious game as here you will be utterly confused during in most of the game. Actually, everyone is given a word to illustrate. Now the illustrations are passed to the other players, offering them alternating turns to guess what the illustrations represent. For this they draw pictures based on what was written as the guess.

So, it will be fun watching your friends attempt to understand your hurried drawings. Of course, there can be some sort of educated guess which adds some meaning behind your misshapen image.


This job hunting game is more fun than real job searching. Here the players draw cards which are then used to build their “resume” for a job posting. So, you can use your qualification cards to create a story, in order to explain why you are the best applicant. The “employer” selects someone to be hired based on who crafts the best story.


You are going to enjoy it thoroughly. It is so intuitive, you can’t go wrong with this one. Basically, here you will create species of animals and beef them up with your skill cards. In this game, you need to feed all your creatures before the end of each round, else you will lose them. It is worth noticing that the players who create carnivores can wipe out species. So, you have to evolve your species carefully and make them survive longest.

Now you can choose any of these incredible board games and add more entertainment to your house party. Which one do you think will be loved by your dear ones? Tell us your favorite in the comments!