Why now is the best time to play Dungeons and Dragons

Why now is the best time to play Dungeons and Dragons

Why now is the best time to play Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons isn’t a new game, it has been around since the nineteen seventies. There have been about six other editions, as well as many new tabletop role playing games have come out. So why is now the best time to get into Dungeons and Dragons, and why Dungeons and Dragons in particular. Well, Dungeons and Dragons has developed a resurgence. This resurgence is partially due to the increased social acceptance “nerd culture” has developed. Along with Critical Role and other well produced videos and podcasts.

This Dungeons and Dragons Edition is the most user friendly edition to date

The edition we are in right now is the fifth edition, it is the most streamlined edition allowing it to be easily learned. Each class has enough customization to make a character your own. Though not too much to completely overload your senses. Not only does the book come with step by step character creation. It also comes with quick builds allowing you to not have to make any big decisions. Even the character sheet is friendly, it tells you which skills correlate with what abilities and gives you plenty of space and areas to put information down. They have a few introduction modules, in which they come with characters already made, a short but easy to operate module and some dice!

You have to do a bit of reading

Though this may date the article with the CO-VID 19 pandemic going on you have to find things to bide your time. There’s no better way then with a bit of reading, and it’s not just reading, but also creating characters! Not only creating characters, but building worlds if you are so inclined to. The world of Dungeons and Dragons is only limited by your creativity. There is a world of endless possibilities that once you get that bit of reading out of the way you are free to create as you want!

There is a large welcoming and supporting community

With Dungeons and Dragons growing exponentially, constantly growing there are a ton of people wanting to learn about the game. While at the same time there are a lot of people willing to teach you. There are forums, blogs, and local game shops willing to help people learn. From the superb production and amazing acting of Critical Role to the opinions and hilarious takes of XP to Level 3. There are hundreds of videos and podcasts to keep you entertained and to help you out. Most people in the community want to help you learn and hear about your experiences. Puffin Forest is a great YouTuber to listen to because he’s just a normal guy. who has had some funny experiences that he ended up telling us about with a few animations.

Dungeons and Dragons isn’t just pen and paper anymore

Dungeons and Dragons has evolved past the normal pen and paper gameplay. It is still the way I prefer. This may be my preference, however when the circumstances do not allow me to do such. You see there are a few tabletop simulators, but the one that comes to mind is Roll20.com. It takes a little bit to get used to, but once you do you can play from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. We can’t all be that lucky though sadly, but we can use an app on iPhone, and Android called Discord. Discord does not have any visual support, but it does allow a group chat in which you can send pictures, speak through voice chat, or through text. DNDBeyond allows you to always have access to your character sheets, as well as an easy way to create your own characters.


Dungeons and Dragons may be the best role playing game in the world, but that does not mean that it is meant for everyone. You never know until you try, so get a few friends together, grab a starter kit and start playing. The group makes the game and that could be said for just about any game. Dungeons and Dragons is a little different because the group can break the game as well. It can provide a creative outlet that is difficult to replicate. From solving puzzles, to bringing nations together diplomatically, to hitting your friend in the face with a fish. Now that is why now is the best time to get into Dungeons and Dragons, memories. You will carry the memories from playing this game for the rest of your life.