The Fox in the Forest Duet: Spotlight Series

The Fox in the Forest Duet: Spotlight Series

The Fox in the Forest Duet: Spotlight Series

Valentine’s Day is here, and it’s time to do something special with that special someone in your life. Fancy dinner, romantic movies, Instagram pics, these are tried and true Valentine’s traditions. Wanna mix it up a bit? Wanna try something unique, memorable, and intimate, but also something you can tell your parents about? A two-player board game is just the thing you need.

Like a Fairytale Bonnie & Clyde

There’s a two-player board game that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, as well. The Fox In The Forest Duet is a cooperative game that casts players as a pair of foxes racing through a faerie forest, collecting as many gems as they can before the Seelie Courts catch up with them.

As the name implies, The Fox In The Forest Duet is a descendant of 2017’s hit two-player game The Fox In The Forest. The new Duet version inherits the same Spades-like trick-taking gameplay from its predecessor, along with its special three-suit deck. Both versions reward precision and prescience more than brute force. In each round, players want to capture exactly the right number of tricks. Too few tricks each round, and you won’t make any progress; too many, and you undermine your own plans.

Twice The Foxes, Twice As Clever

The Duet version of The Fox In The Forest adds some new variables to the formula, though. To start off with, Duet is cooperative. Players use their cards to move their Team Token up and down the forest path. Skillfully maneuvering to the correct spots will net a gem token for the players, bringing them one step closer to winning. Playing cards carelessly, though, will push the Team Token off the path. Fall off the path three times, and both players lose!

Here’s the tricky part: as players are trying to play the correct cards to move their Team Token, they can’t speak. Players have to be as sly as a fox to figure out what card to play, deducing what the other player has played thus far. The challenge of the game lies in how players subtly signal to each other about their cards, and what to play.

A Romance in Microcosm

This is what makes The Fox In The Forest Duet such a unique experience. Just like the nuanced interplay of two partners in a relationship, Duet is all about reading your partner. Understanding what your partner wants and needs is critical, but you can’t neglect your own wants and needs. Likewise, leading is just as much responsibility for your partner as it is an opportunity to do what you want. And, also just real life, the more you practice, the better you get. Players achieve proficiency in The Fox In The Forest Duet not simply through strategy or tactics, but by knowing your partner and their habits better. When partners are successful, it’s through cooperation and mutual understanding.

An Extra Unique Two-Player Board Game

The Fox In The Forest Duet is easy to learn and plays in about 30 to 45 minutes. However, it says a lot about being a human in such a small package. It’s a unique and rewarding experience, and not just because it’s one of the few two-player cooperative board games available. It’s a great game to play with family or friends, but fantastic to play with your romantic partner on Valentine’s Day.

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