Isle of Cats - Return to the Isle with Kittens

Return to the Isle of Cats | The Next Expansion(s) of Isle of Cats

Return to the Isle of Cats | The Next Expansion(s) of Isle of Cats

Isle of Cats was one of the biggest hits of 2020, if not the last five years of board games. Frank West, creator of Isle of Cats and City of Kings, recently did a Facebook Live announcement of the exciting future of Isle of Cats. And, it is very exciting indeed!

Isle of Cats' future includes several products that expand on the existing titles along with a plethora of new content; effectively doubling the content of the base game. The story will follow the City of Games universe, Yanna Stormtree and Kuma the Koogan. These very two different characters with their deep love of all creatures have provided you, the player, with the instructions on how to care for the new arrivals on the island. These new arrivals have been forced out of their homes and have made their way to the Isle of Cats. However, they are also afraid of their future. The evil lord Vesh is still a threat that even the new arrivals are aware of. 

Isle of Cats’ newest content will feature at least three new modules: Beasts, Kittens, and an unannounced module. It has been confirmed that there will be 7 new “bits” of new content featured in the next release, but it is unclear what else is to be expected. City of Games/Frank West will be revealing more information in the weeks to come. You can follow along with the upcoming announcements here.


Your ship will now be able to contain any assemblages of Cats, Man-Eating Spiders, Electric Dragons and KITTENS! Yes, the new modules will feature Kittens which will have new exciting criteria in order to get them aboard your ship. Speaking of aboard, the new expansions will feature a new fleet of ships, each with their own layouts, shapes, and rat problems. But don’t worry, the rat problems only get worse! As the module(s) will feature rat meeples, which add a new layer of complexity and decision making to the game. You can’t play stuff over the new rat meeples, but they sure will still take up a square of space.

The last Koogan in existence may also of snuck onto the island. 


Besides the new components, players can also expect some new ways to play. At least 6 new family cards will be available. Additionally, all the modules have been designed to allow for solo play. Deluxe upgrades, accessories, and lessons are all expected.

If you’re wanting to get on the Isle of Cats boat, head over to the Kickstarter announcement page. The more signups that occur here, the more Isle of Cats content we can count on in the future. Frank West has guaranteed there will be no stretch goals and all content will be available right from the start for the Kickstarter. And, if you are a retailer, there will be retailer pledge options as well! For the fanatics, a tier that includes all previous Isle of Cats releases, including the Kickstarter exclusives from the original base game will be offered. 

To see the broadcast of the announcement, head over to the City of Games Facebook page, or click here. The new content is set to release Q1 2022 (~ March 2022). The Kickstarter will go live on May 25, 2021. So stay tuned for the exciting news coming out in the next few weeks!