Periodic: Spotlight Series

Periodic: Spotlight Series

Periodic: Spotlight Series

Maybe few people would admit it, but a common reason board game fans like board games is that they like feeling smart. A game that makes players feel crafty and clever will always be popular. Enter Periodic, a strategy science board game that lets you flex your tactical talents while also learning a thing or two about the world of chemistry.

Periodic has a clever way of making chemistry an interesting game. It treats the ubiquitous Periodic Table as a map. It’s like checkers, where players have one piece that jumps around, seeking specific “goal” elements. Players navigate this map by using “atomic trends” - different ways to alter and transform an element into other elements.

To add to Periodic’s depth, players have to manage their energy tokens carefully to make sure they can make the moves they want. There are also three different ways to score points, between element Goals, the competitive Academic Track, and private Agenda cards.

And along with this entree of strategy comes a heaping helping of science. The Goal cards describe interesting chemistry trivia, showing both surprisingly common chemicals as well as the excitingly exotic elements. The atomic trends that players use to move their pieces are rooted in actual atomic transformations. Periodic even comes with a second booklet that describes in-depth the connections between real-world science and the game’s concepts.

Theme and flavor is one of the most discussed topics in the board game hobby. Games like Periodic leverage theme for a concrete benefit - it aims to teach players about chemistry while providing a excellent board game experience. It's one of the few thematic board games that marries theme and rules so well.

If you’re a seasoned tabletop gamer looking for an interesting theme, or a science enthusiast looking for a new kind of challenge, Periodic will satisfy. Or, if you’re looking for a gift for the student/scientist/science nerd in your life, Periodic is a science board game that goes right on the wishlist.


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