February Painting Contest

February Painting Contest

February Painting Contest

We're proud that our first painting contest was a resounding success! We had 12 painters and crafters enter 12 unique models, and the skill and creativity on display was impressive. We're so proud of the talent around here! 


So let's do it again! We're announcing our February painting contest! We love the idea of doing a contest with a focus on creative freedom with as few boundaries as possible. So instead of having a seasonal or holiday theme for this contest, we invite our contestants to go crazy! 

Contestants free to choose any miniature - or miniatures, plural - they like. The entry provides one $5 WizKids miniature, and contestants can choose from any in the shop.

And since we want this to be a fair contest, we do have to establish some baseline rules. We've tweaking the prizing a little, too, so contestants should go over all these. Here’s the rules:

Time Frame: 

  • Contestants will be given roughly 3 weeks to construct and paint their entry.
  • Contestants should visit the shop starting on Wednesday, January 20th to purchase their entry ticket and receive their miniature.
  • Contestants must bring their entry by the end of business hours on Wednesday, February 10th for contest entry.
  • Entries will be displayed for public viewing from February 11th to February 14th.
  • Winners will be announced on Tuesday, February 16th over social media, and will be contacted directly.

Rules for Competition:

  • Entry will be $10. Contestants will receive a WizKids Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures model of their choice. The remaining $5 of the entry fee will be added to a store credit prize pool.
  • Each contestant can enter one and only one entry.
  • Entries may include other models and constructions besides the provided model.
  • Bases and displays can be no larger than 3 inches by 3 inches.
  • Entries must be painted by the contestant. This means no commission painting or group painting.
  • Entries will be returned to their owners after winners are announced. Entries will be available at Level One Game Shop for pickup.


  • Public: Only one category in this contest. Winners will be determined by public vote. Shop staff and contestants will be allowed to vote as well.
  • One Honorable Commendation will be chosen for Best Conversion. Shop staff and contestants will be allowed to vote on this honor. All entries will be eligible.
  • One Honorable Commendation will be chosen for Staff Pick. Shop staff will vote on this honor. All entries will be eligible.


  • Each contestant contributes $5 to the store credit prize pool, taken from their entry fee.
  • The store prize pool will be awarded to the first place, second place, and third place winners, determined by the public vote.
  • First place will be awarded approximately 50% of the store credit in the prize pool. Second place will be awarded approximately 30%, and third place will get approximately 20%.
  • Exact values of store credit prizes will be determined after Wednesday, February 10th, with the cutoff for entries.
  • If there is a tie amongst winners, their prizes will be summed and divided amongst the tied winners.