Best Tabletop Games for Camping

Best Tabletop Games for Camping

Best Tabletop Games for Camping

When you are on a camping trip, you can easily get bored if you don’t have much to do. Whether you are busy setting up the camp, cooking or hiking, the hours can just fly by. But at a certain time you would find yourself doing nothing, it's a great opportunity to bust out a board game.

Since there is no Wi-Fi, board games make a great way to splurge on a fun activity. Irrespective of the fact if you are a child or an adult, these tabletop games are sure to keep you, your friends and family entertained:

Cobra Paw

This can be played anywhere in the tent. You roll the chunky dice to reveal 2 colored symbols and then the search begins to find a matching tile among a pile of domino-like pieces. The winner is the one who put their finger nearest to the center of the tile.

Push It

It is a quite simple yet fun game to play with your loved ones. It’s like a table-top version of bowls and really it’s addictive. You will get competitive while playing this game. The best thing is that it can be played on any flat surface. Just throw it in your pocket and you have always got entertainment on the go.

Hive Pocket Edition

In Hive Pocket Edition, you will be able to welcome the spiders, bees, grasshoppers and ladybirds. Though the game is little like chess, each critter has its own movement patterns and knowing when to use the soldier ant to win the game is not a simple task to do. The game can be easily packed in a well-made pouch.


It’s a race for each player to finish their own grid of interconnected words from a pool of tiles. Bananagrams packs away into a charming banana-shaped pouch and there are various versions which you can pick according to your mood.

Jungle Speed

Each and every player turns their cards one by one in sequence and you need to keep your eyes wide open for any matches. Once there are 2 matching cards, the 2 players become locked into a duel and the first one to grab the pole gets to offload their discards onto the loser. It is fast and keeps you on your toes.


It’s time to make a trip to a busy market in the heat of an Indian summer. You are trying hard to become the Maharaja’s personal trader by getting excellent deals for your goods - from jewels to spices. However, the intricate part involves whether to go for big deals or sell a lot of cheap items. This is a 2 player game so children and grownups can play.


This game does not take up a lot of room but provides a lot of replay value which is an important addition to our family trips. In this game, you have a tiny grid of 16 chunky plastic tiles that take up about the same space as a usual hardback. The beauty of Codinca is you will never have the similar combination of patterns twice so it’s a real brain teaser as you work to complete your patterns.