An Introduction to Blood Bowl

An Introduction to Blood Bowl

An Introduction to Blood Bowl

Are you ready for some BLOOD BOWL?? After a way-too-long hiatus, the ultimate fantasy football is making a comeback! Blood Bowl’s Second Season Edition is ready to take the field, and boy howdy, it’s gonna be a doozy! Seventeen teams take to the pitch to compete in games that redefine “full-contact sport.” Which teams will come out on top, or even survive the season? Let’s take a look at our favorites in this season’s lineup!

The Bogenhafen Barons

The human Empire’s wealthy elite take the field in an extravagant display of hubris. The Barons are a versatile team that are adept at exploiting an opponent’s weaknesses. A fair dose of gold doesn’t hurt either - the Barons have access to equipment and training that other teams don’t.

Thunder Valley Greenskins

A prototype of fighty teams, the Greenskins leverage their size and strength to stomp on the other team. Running, passing, and scoring points are an afterthought to these brutes. Why bother with points when you can send the entire opposing team to the hospital? If you can catch them, that is.

Elfheim Eagles

Demonstrating true Elven skill and expertise, the Eagles have a simple strategy to counter their larger, stronger foes. To wit: don’t get caught. The Eagles sport some of the fastest players in the league, and their ball-handling is second to none. Running and passing plays are the order of the day, leaving slower, brutish opponents in the dust.

Skavenblight Scramblers

The warp-twisted ratkin known as Skaven have cobbled together a Blood Bowl team as well. And by team we mean a merciless band of sneaky, stabby rogues. The Scramblers have a knack of making strong plays when you least expect them, either by reaching the end zone in the blink of an eye, or sneaking past linemen to assassinate key opponents.

Dwarf Giants

Dwarves play Blood Bowl exactly the way you’d expect. Each player is a mountain on the field - solid and implacable, impossible to destroy, and the agility to match. The Giants score points not due to their speed, but their ability to shrug off the attacks of even the most vicious attackers. 

Naggaroth Nightmares

The Druchii elves of Naggarond share the same speed and agility as other elven teams. However, the Nightmares aren’t afraid to indulge their love of violence, and can match the brutality of the other fighty teams. Assassination and running games leverage the Nightmares’ speed to both score points and take down enemy star players.

Fire Mountain Gut Busters

As their towering size implies, the Ogres of the Gut Busters are the strongest players in Blood Bowl. Well, strong in the sense brawn, not so strong as in skill or intellect. The Gut Busters can hang with the toughest, fightiest teams in the league, even if their grasp of tactics or plays or even rules are the best. Sometimes, the Gut Busters will score points, but mostly by flinging their Gnoblar ball-carriers downfield. 

Nurgle’s Rotters

The Rotters are the only team in Blood Bowl that have the privilege of using their stench as a weapon. The living corpses of the Rotters are experts at tying up opposing teams, either by choking rival throwers or tripping up their catchers with tentacles. Bolstering their defensive abilities with unholy regeneration, the Rotters’ are more disease-carriers than ball-carriers, but not by much. 

Greenfield Grasshuggers

The pluckiest team in the entire league, the Grasshuggers’ greatest strength is their perseverance. And that’s it. If you guessed that halflings would be outclassed in the Blood Bowl by faster and stronger teams, you’d be left. However, the Grasshuggers leverage their stoutheartedness in the long game. If a Grasshugger manages to survive a game, they earn the most benefits from experience.

The Doom Lords

Finally, the most mysterious and perhaps the most lethal team we’ll mention here is The Doom Lords. Worshippers of the Chaos Gods, it wouldn’t be appropriate to say they’re human, as their devotion to foul gods will… change them. Mutant beastmen are happy to ignore the ball and the end zone and take the opportunity to murder opponents. 

Prepare for Kick-Off

Fans have been eagerly anticipating more Blood Bowl, and the new Second Season Edition doesn’t disappoint. Hewing to the classic rules of previous editions, but with some much-needed updates, the new edition lets old teams and new teams compete with each other easily. Pick your favorite fantasy football team, get out onto the pitch, and show your opponents what Blood Bowl is all about!