5 Board Games Perfect For Winter Nights

5 Board Games Perfect For Winter Nights

5 Board Games Perfect For Winter Nights

If you are looking for fun winter board games, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of games you need to try this season. Have a look.

The winters can prove to be long and boring for kids and parents or even couples and friends. When the weather is nasty outside, stay in and grab a great board game and enjoy the cold night cozy and warm! Here are some great options.

Wits and Wagers:

This game is an award-winning party game. The family edition has easy to understand rules and questions quite appropriate for the younger ones, proving it to be a great source to get the whole family involved. One can play the game by making mere guesses at the silly number facts and enjoy the game as you don’t even need the right answers to win! You just need to bet better than the other players.

Watch Ya Mouth:

Watch Ya Mouth is a very comical game for your whole family. A player has to use plastic mouth pieces in order to hold his mouth open while he tries to speak out the phrases for the rest of the playing members to guess. That is, you not only sound funny, but also pretty silly and amusing. It’s a great delight to play and even watch!

Pie face:

Besides being a game full of suspense, Pie face is a slightly messy game that ends leaving every player bursting into laughter. As there are no complicated rules to follow, this game is suggested for younger kids, but the elder ones and adults will love it, too!


It is not only simple to play, but also very interesting. You will get a main word from the card in Taboo and below that you will get the list of words which fall under the main word. Either these words can be synonyms or simply the words that are closely associated with the main word. All you have to do is describe the main word to the other person. But here is a twist; you are not permitted to use any of the words underneath it. Try it!

Apples to Apples:

Another favorite card game of many families! Here every player except one “Leader (judge)” puts down a card, i.e. face-down, described by a special card on the table. In the game, it is the judge who turns the cards over and picks the best card. Later, whoever has placed that card down wins a point. Then the player sitting to the left is the new judge.

Twilight Stuggle:

One of the highest rated board games of all time, Twilight Struggle pits two players against each other at the height of the cold war in the best spy-craft simulation ever created. Paired with a roaring fire and a stiff aged drink or irish coffee, its sure to raise the temperature and enjoyment of any snowbound library.

Trying the board games above is a great way to kill the cold and boredom during long winters and make it full of fun and joy!