Nessos: Spotlight Series

Nessos box

Recently, our board gaming community has been really into deduction and bluffing games at our game nights. So, this week we decided to take a look at Iello’s take on this genre, and play Nessos. Like most deduction games, Nessos is has very few rules and is easy to pick up. Nessos is playable for […]

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Guardians: Spotlight Series

Guardians Board Game

This week at the shop we added Guardians to our play shelves. This cyberpunk hero themed card game is for 2 or 4 players, and is a great introduction to card management and more complex deck building mechanics. Guardians is easy to learn, quick to set up, and has an expected playtime of under an […]

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Godsforge: Spotlight Series

Godsforge Board Game

Out on the table this week we have Godsforge, a simultaneous action taking card and dice game. Godsforge is a really quick game to learn, as well as play! Take on the role of sorcerers to cast spells and fight your opponents, until their health is reduced to zero. As usual, we will have it […]

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Spotlight Series: Disney -Villainous

This week at the shop we are showcasing Villainous, a thematic card game where players take the role of famous Disney villains. If you missed this week’s demo night, come check out Villainous in the shop on display! Next month we are learning more great games, so come by to play Comanauts, Game of Thrones […]

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