Our Games

Our Philosophy

Creating a focal point for the Kansas City gaming community from scratch is no easy task or simple endeavor. As such, we’re committed to turning Level One Game Shop into the gaming destination that our friends and fellow gamers want. So what we carry in our shop is reflective of what you request.

Also if you want something specific that we don’t have in stock, we’re happy to order it for you! Just let our friendly staff know what you’d like and they’ll contact you when it arrives.

Opportunities to Try a Game First

In addition to hosting a number of board game enthusiast meetups and competitive tournaments at great bars and restaurants around town, we have a sizable play space set up for you and your friends/family to check out games before hand. We want you to enjoy the games that you buy and ask us to recommend our latest favorites to you.

Gift Cards

Level One Game Shop now provides electronic gift cards! Simply visit our Gift Card Order Page and enter how much you want the gift card to be for and what email address to send it to and our system takes care of the rest!

Used Games

However if you find that you don’t play some of your old board games, we’d love to buy them from you! Just bring them into the store or email us a list of what you have and we’ll gladly give you an offer. All games must be in complete and in good condition.