5 Steps To Start Playing Magic: The Gathering

You may have heard the name somewhere, or seen a blog article on a video game site. Maybe you’ve seen rows of high-priced cards in a case at your local game store. Magic is the longest-running trading card game in the world, even if it’s not the most widely-known hobby it has a fervent and loyal fanbase. So how does one enter this hidden world of magic spells, card trading, and competition? Here we’ll outline 5 easy steps to start playing Magic: The Gathering. Step 1: Learning the Rules The ...

Becoming a Smart Magic Consumer

It seems like everyone has heard the jokes about the addictive nature of cardboard in this industry, and for some, this is a sense of camaraderie the same that you’d have at the slot machines at your local casino. Others, in particular parents, may view it as a red flag for how much this hobby may end up costing to participate. In our last article, we went over the many formats for how to play the game. Today we are going to tackle a question as old as Magic itself, “What’s the best way of be...

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