8 Best Board Games of 2016 So Far

Being a board games enthusiast, you might have enjoyed the best board games this year. In 2016, we have seen various board games taking the players by storm with their interesting twists and unique rules. Here, we have listed such games from different genres, from action, fantasy to strategy, based on their shipments and user’s ratings. Codenames: In Codenames, there are two rival spymasters who know about the secret identities of 25 agents. The teammates of these spymasters know the agents o...

Board Game Review: Project Elite

Project: Elite has a pretty bland and non-descriptive name. This may be because Super Panic Space Alien Genocide Squad Force: The Board Game was a little too wordy. Don’t let this deceive you though, because lurking just below the surface of the name is one of the best timed cooperative games I’ve ever played. Project: Elite has surpassed the XCOM board game for that top spot on my list, also making it one of my top cooperative board games in general (right up alongside Shadows of Brimstone)....

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