Wing It: Spotlight Series

Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling is a story-telling party game for 4-7 players. Wing It takes its own spin on the player judge mechanics by going more in depth than simply selecting the 'best' card. In Wing It, the Judge that round draws a situation card, and players must choose three resources from their hand. Then, they pair them with a story on how they will resolve the situation.

Player stories can be more simple or they can go in depth, even describing how they received the resources. Wing It allows for players to be more imaginative, and offer fantastical or practical solutions to the situation at hand. After everyone shares their stories, the Judge decides who is the winner! There are a generous number of solutions and resources, allowing for variability each time you play. 

For example: You’re hiking up a mountain, and you begin to hear the ominous rumble of an imminent eruption. You’ve got a twelfth-century catapult, a 300-pound iron anchor, and a book of the world’s greatest knock-knock jokes. Wait, why am I here and why do I have this stuff, you ask? No time for questions! So, what do you do to save yourself?

Someone in the group had answered: "I load myself up in the catapult, using the anchor as a counterweight to get more distance. Then, I launch myself off the mountain, gracefully descending using the parachute I made out of the pages of a joke book. Ta-da!"

Wing It is a great party game for people who like a little challenge and creativity in their party games. It has a little more substance than your typical party game, which is great for those who like heavier games that require a little more thought. Or, if your play group is a bunch of goofballs and class clowns, Wing It rewards players who come up with the most hilariously absurd solution. Wing It gives players the freedom to be as clever or as funny as they like.

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