Spotlight Series: Disney -Villainous

This week at the shop we are showcasing Villainous, a thematic card game where players take the role of famous Disney villains. If you missed this week’s demo night, come check out Villainous in the shop on display! Next month we are learning more great games, so come by to play Comanauts, Game of Thrones Catan, and Root.

In Villainous, choose from six villains with unique player mats with corresponding realms. Each villain has a different goal to achieve, along with a unique villain figure and fate deck. Play cards from your villain decks to achieve your goals or to defeat heroes from the fates played by your opponents. At the start of your turn, move your villain figure to a new location in your realm. Each realm has a set of actions that you may perform in any order you’d like. These include playing or discarding cards, activating card abilities, vanquishing heroes, gaining power, and moving pawns or cards in play. Most of the strategy in this game comes in moving your opponent’s cards to obstruct their path to victory.

With its simple mechanics and ease of learning, Villainous is fun for Disney fans of all ages. Villainous would make a great addition to family night, especially if you have children that love these characters. Some children may benefit from playing this game to practice their reading and comprehension skills, as well as decision making. The games Catan: Junior and My Little Scythe are also great game for learning or practicing these skills.

Join us next week to play Comanauts, an adventure book game from the creators of Stuffed Fables. Enter the subconsciousness of a comatose doctor to explore his inner child and defeat his inner demons to save him. Will you be able to free the doctor before his tormented mind destroys itself? Bring a friend and find out Tuesday at 6 pm!

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