Legendary Forests: Spotlight Series

Legendary Forests is a new release from IELLO, the same makers of Bunny Kingdom, which was a previous demo for the store. This game is simply, yet has a beautiful and elegant design. Legendary Forests is a great entry game for the family, and it feels reminiscent of the classic game, Dominoes. In Legendary Forests, players each choose a color and collect that set of tiles. To set up, all players will start with the marked tile, which will be the base for their forest. Select a player at random as the “Architect.” This person will have their deck of cards control which cards are placed on the forests for all the players. After set up, players will move into gameplay.

Gameplay for Legendary Forests is simple. The Architect draws a tile, and all players find the same one in their own piles. Tiles are then placed, where all adjacent tiles must be of the same color. However, there are some special rules if a tile is drawn with a white background on it. After players place their tiles, the Architect starts by selecting one of the tree tokens. This may be placed on a matching colored zone in their forest, as long as it is not touching grass. Each player takes their turn in clockwise order, and then pass the Architect token to the next player. Continue playing as normal until nineteen tiles have been placed on your board. Calculate victory points, and the player with the most wins!

Legendary Forests is quick to play and easy to learn. There is satisfaction in finding where to place your tiles and and watch your forest grow into something beautiful. Legendary Forests supports up to five players and should take about 20 minutes to complete a game. If you need something relaxing to play between more tense or complex games, or something to play on family night, Legendary Forests could be a great addition to your shelf.

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