Dice Forge: Spotlight Series

Dice Forge is a dice crafting game that supports up to four players. With many components, it may seem complex, but it is an easy game to pick up and play! However, the rulebook has a little more weight than it’s worth, so we recommend watching a rules breakdown on YouTube. Expect a 45 minute play-through, which can vary with the number of players.

All players start with two dice, in which they roll every turn, even when they are not the active player. Because of this, downtime is less noticeable since you gather resources on every turn. The active player rolls their dice and chooses to perform an action; like upgrading their dice or performing a heroic feat (purchasing cards). These cards gain you victory points, provide instant abilities, or recurring abilities that you may trigger during your turn. The game provides a second set of cards that offer more complex abilities after you have played a few games.

The game ends after a few rounds, and you add up your victory points from cards you have collected! After becoming attached to your dice from customizing them, you will want to keep playing! Or maybe your dice weren't that great and you'll want to try new strategies. Dice Forge is great introductory game to dive into, fun to play, and has a great replayablity factor.

Thanks for those who attended this week, we hope to see players return for the other games we are hosting! Next week we are playing Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr. A dramatic game where players are the nursing staff of a dying man who is tormented by his past. Gain his trust and uncover his memories in this cooperative story-driven game.

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