Comanauts: Spotlight Series

Thank you to all the players that came out this week! It was great exploring the mind-bending world of Comanauts with everyone. If you missed out on the demo, come by the shop to check it out on our demo table! If you enjoyed the movie Inception, this adventure book game may be a great fit. Explore the dreamscape of a comatose man, holding the secrets to save the world. Defeat his 'Inner Demon' to save Martin and win the game!

Comanauts was really interesting to learn! It is unique and it offers a lot of content which leads to a rewarding game play experience (even for setup). Setting up the game is fairly simple, and each ‘comazone’ has specific instructions when your characters enter these new realms. The main mechanics in this co-operative game rely on the dice. Each color of dice provides a unique use to the player. For example, yellow dice allow players to interact with the environment. Whereas red dice allow players to engage in combat. The goal when traversing the dreamscapes is to explore and collect insight tokens. Collect enough of these to gather clues that will lead you to Dr. Martin’s Inner Demon that is trying to kill him! However, this is not an easy feat as enemies will spawn and attack you, and life points do not come easy.

This is a great game if you enjoy a challenge. We recommend playing it with a group of four to get the most from this co-operative experience. Make sure your group has plenty of time, as these games can last a few hours. It may take a few turns to navigate the realms and find the main boss. There are some themes of violence and complex rules, so this game is suitable for teens and adults.

Next week we will be taking a break, but will be back on the 19th for Game of Thrones Catan! If you are excited as we are for the upcoming and final season of Game of Thrones, then come to the shop and check it this twist on this board game classic!

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