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So, what do you see in your mind’s eye when someone mentions new board games? Most non-hobby fans probably visualize a big, sprawling game with a ton of tiny pieces, multiple decks of cards, and a rulebook chock-full with complex and confusing rules. And of course, the promise from the game’s owner that it’s actually really easy when you get into it. Well, now that you have that mental image, let’s shatter it. There’s a class of games that are the complete opposite - few rules relying on just...

Fast Food Fear: Spotlight Series

Read about a card game that provides all of the excitement of a real-time game with none of the chaos. Fast Food Fear is a smartly-designed little game that's fun and easy to play.

Iwarii: Spotlight Series

A descendent of a long-time classic, Iwari is a sleek, streamlined light strategy game for players looking for a challenge.

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