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Call to Adventure: Spotlight Series

This week at the shop we demoed Call to Adventure, a Tableau Building game powered by two brothers, Kickstarter, and fantasy authors Patrick Rothfuss and Brian Sanderson. Brotherwise Games, the makers of Boss Monster introduce a new character building experience inspired by fantasy stories. This week we played the base game, without the Adversaries and Allies addition included in the box. There are also two expansions to be released for the game, one each based on Rothfuss’s Name of the Wind and Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive.

In this game you will be competing against other players to create the most epic fantasy hero. Acquire traits, face challenges, and grow in your experiences to shape your character and their path. The game consists of three acts, where players follow a path of either triumph or tragedy, either through choice or fate.

To create your character, players are given choices for their origin, motivation, and destiny. Together, these form an outline for your character’s story. Then, begin the first act and reveal a choice of cards for all players. There are two types of cards in these decks. One will allow you to an acquire a trait if you meet the card’s requirements, the other allows you to attempt a challenge. In a challenge, you have a choice from two paths, with their outcomes shown on bottom and top of the card. The side of the card will show you the difficulty of the challenge, as well as the trait, or ability runes that you are able to use to attempt this challenge. Runes are used in this game instead of dice. All players start may use the three ‘core runes’, in addition to matching ‘ability runes’ shown on the card as well is on your player mat. Once you have gathered your runes, toss them onto the table to reveal if you have passed or failed the challenge. If passed, add the card to your character’s origin track, where trait cards will also be placed.

The first act ends after the first player has added three additional cards to their origin track. The second act is then revealed, and is played and ended similarly to the first. The third and final act has the same ending trigger, and players are allowed one more turn before ending the game and adding points. Points are earned by cards you have played, your tracker on the side of your player mat, as well as story icons found in your challenge and trait cards. The more matching icons you have, the more points you will earn! In this way, you are earning more points the better you follow a particular storyline for your character.

Next week we will be playing another Kickstarter game, called AEGIS: Combining Robot Strategy Game.  As the name suggests, AEGIS is a tactical tabletop game where players combine robots to create more powerful forms and battle against each other in several different game modes! Join us next week to create the most beefy robot the shop has ever seen!

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