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Spotlight Series: The River

We love seeing people come out to play our demos! Please keep checking every week to see what we are offering. These events are perfect for anyone interested in learning board games, or finding something to add to their collection. We appreciate everyone that has come out so far!

This week we played The River, a pioneering game that introduces worker placement mechanics. Worker placement games require players to manage their pawns, or workers, to perform actions. This mechanic is interesting as it requires thoughtful planning towards the game’s goal. The River uses this mechanic by having players try to build their settlements. Pioneers are placed around the board to collect resources, construct buildings, gather food, and settle more land along their personal river. Each turn, players have the opportunity to place one worker at a time. The round ends when there are no more workers to be placed. The goal of the game is to gain the most victory points, which is done by constructing buildings and by pioneering your land.

If you haven’t played a worker placement game before, this game would be exceptionally fun for someone who enjoys the strategy of planning multiple turns ahead and the rewarding feeling when a plan comes together! This game is designed for 2-4 players, but to get the most enjoyment we recommend 3 or 4 players. Expect this game to last about two hours. Of course this depends on the number of players, but there is a lot of decision making turn times can take a while .

Join us next week to play Silk, a delightful game about herding silkworms! This is a lighter worker placement game than The River, but it also introduces area control mechanics. Bring a friend and compete to see who can produce the most silk from your worms!

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