X-Wing Rugby

X-Wing Rugby

Team-based Variant for X-Wing Miniatures Game

X-Wing Rugby is a way to bring the excitement of team-based field sports like Rugby, American Football, or Soccer to our favorite dogfighting miniatures game! This page outlines all the new rules necessary to play X-Wing Rugby. Unless superseded here, use all rules as outlined in the official Fantasy Flight Games’ rules documents and FAQs.X-Wing Rugby Banner


Players are divided into two equal teams, then each player customizes one small-base ship worth 30 squad points or less. Players may confer with their teammates to customize their ship to accommodate a team role.
The play area is 3′ by 6′. Each team is assigned one 3′ edge. The area that is range 3 from that edge is a team’s end zone that they protect.
Use a Seismic Bomb token for the Ball. This Seismic Bomb token does not use bomb rules. Instead, the Ball token can be picked up and carried by one ship at a time. When a ship carries the Ball to their opponent’s end zone, that ship scores a point for its team. The Ball starts in the exact middle of the playfield.
X-Wing Rugby Play Area
Players lay out 8 obstacles as teams. Randomly choose one team to place the first obstacle. The other team places the next obstacle, and alternate teams until all 8 obstacles are placed. Obstacles can be placed anywhere in the play area outside of End Zones, and cannot be placed overlapping the Ball token.
Instead of using normal deployment zones, players may place their ship in any position and orientation in their half of the play area.

X-Wing Rugby Fumble Diagram


A ship carrying the Ball may drop the Ball if Tackled or when missing a Pass. When Fumbling, roll a six-sided die. Use a 2-speed Bank or 2-speed Straight maneuver template to place the Ball nearby the Fumbling ship. Refer to the diagram to determine in which direction the Ball moves when Fumbled.
A loose Ball without a carrier remains in place until picked up. Any ship within Distance 1 (not Range 1) of a loose Ball may pick up the Ball as a free action.
Ships may also Steal the Ball token from a carrier. Stealing is a free action that may be performed only during the Maneuver phase, and only if the carrier is at Distance 1 (not Range 1).
Ships cannot Fumble the Ball outside of the play area. If a Fumble roll would place the Ball token outside of the play area, reroll the dice until there’s a valid result.


A ship carrying the Ball can attempt to pass the Ball to another friendly ship. The carrying ship makes an attack during the Combat Phase when it can make an attack. A Pass replaces the ship’s normal attack for the turn.
To Pass, target a friendly ship within range 3 of the carrying ship. Roll a number of attack dice equal to the carrying ship’s attack value. Ignore the receiving ship’s agility value. Instead, roll a number of defense dice depending on the distance – 1 defense die for range 1, 2 defense dice for range 2, and 3 defense dice for range 3. Add an additional defense die if line-of-sight is obstructed by obstacles or enemy ships. If the attack hits, ignore all damage effects and move the Ball to the receiving ship. If the attack misses, the receiving ship (not the passing ship) Fumbles.
A ship may also Intercept a pass. If a ship obstructs a pass, and there are more Evade results in the roll than Hit or Crit results, the obstructing ship closest to the receiver is given the Ball token instead.

Attacking and Tackling

Ships aren’t destroyed in Rugby. Ships that have shields take damage as normal, but when a ship with no shield tokens is assigned damage, cancel that damage and assign that ship an Ion token.
If a ship that is carrying the Ball and has no shield tokens that is assigned damage, or receives a Crit while it has shield tokens, cancel that damage. That ship is Tackled. Tackled ships perform a red Stop maneuver on its next activation phase.
Note: ships do not receive damage cards, either face up or face down, in Rugby. Crit results from attack dice will cause a Tackle, but will not assign face up damage cards to the target.

Out of Bounds

If a ship executes a maneuver that places it out of the play area, complete the maneuver. Then turn the ship 90 degrees to face the play area, and execute the shortest straight maneuver that places it back in the play area. That ship also loses its action this turn.
If the ship that leaves the play area is carrying the Ball token, then, before it executes the maneuver, it Fumbles.

Scoring, Turnover and End Game

When a ship successfully Tackles an enemy ship and subsequently picks up the Ball, that ship has scored a Turnover and its team scores 1 point.
A ship can also score a Turnover point if it successfully Intercepts a pass.
When a ship carries the Ball to the opponent team’s End Zone, the carrier has made a Touchdown and its team scores 3 points. The ships are then redeployed as per Rugby rules.
A ship can also score a Touchdown for its team if it successfully receives a pass while in its opponent’s End Zone.
A Rugby game ends when one team scores 7 or more points. The team with the most points wins.

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