Spotlight Series: AEGIS

This week at the shop we played AEGIS: Combining Robot Strategy Game! Inspired by tabletop miniatures game, AEGIS streamlines the genre into a quick, easy to learn board game. Assemble your team of robots and fight other players until they are knocked out. We have this game on display on the shop for the weekend,

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Spotlight Series: Call to Adventure

Call to Adventure is a Tableau Building game powered by two brothers, Kickstarter, and fantasy authors Patrick Rothfuss and Brian Sanderson. Brotherwise Games, the makers of Boss Monster introduce a new character building experience inspired by fantasy stories. This week we played the base game, without the Adversaries and Allies addition included in the box.

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Spotlight Series: Root

This week we wrapped a fantastic month of demos! Thanks to all the players that have joined us and continue to come back. Next month we have another great lineup, including Century: Golem Edition, Call to Adventure, and Aegis.  So be sure to pop into the store to check those games out. This week we

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